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  The purpose of the game is to score points by guessing what the other player has drawn. In each round a word is given to a player and that player must draw (as best they can) the assigned word. When the word is guessed, both players get points (being the players that guessed the drawing correctly and the player that is drawing at that time). After each guess the amount of points gets smaller, until they reach the minimum amount of 1(one).

Drawing Icons

Pencil It draws lines.
Eraser It erases the area selected.
Solid Rectangle It draws a solid rectangle.
Emply Rectangle It draws an empty rectangle.
Solid Ellipse It draws a solid ellipse.
Empty Ellipse It draws an empty ellipse.
Line It draws a straight line with the color selected.
Flood Fill It fills up an area with the color selected.
Color Picker When you use the color picker in any part of the drawing, it selects the color of that area.
Clear It erases the drawing board.
Thickness 1 It selects thickness 1 for lines and frames.
Thickness 2 It selects thickness 2 for lines and frames.
Thickness 3 It selects thickness 3 for lines and frames.
Thickness 4 It selects thickness 4 for lines and frames.
Thickness 5 It selects thickness 5 for lines and frames.

Color indication

Green - It indicates that the player has already guessed the word.

Blue - It indicates that the player is drawing.

Black - It indicates that the player still hasn't guessed the word.

Game commands

In order to activate a command, type it in the "Chat" box.

/block NICK - It blocks all the messages from a particular user (nickname).

/unblock NICK - It enables messages from a user (nickname) that has been blocked.



Rules of Conduct

  1. It's strictly forbidden to write any letter on the drawing board, even if it doesn't make up a full word. Onomatopoeia, synonyms, definitions, brand names, sigla, abbreviations, the word itself or parts of the word are also NOT allowed on the board. We keep an exception for writing one's own nickname on the drawing board as a "signature", provided that it doesn't reveal parts of the word. Tributes, declarations or writing a friend's nickname on the board is ONLY allowed after the player has already finished drawing the word that has been assigned to him/her, and on condition that the writing doesn't block the visualization of the drawing.
  2. Numbers will only be allowed on the drawing board if they don't show any direct relation to the word. For instance, if the word is "teach", it will be ok to draw a chalkboard and write 1 + 1 = 2 on it.
  3. It's forbidden to indicate on the board the number of letters of a word. If the drawer wishes for some of the letters of the word to be revealed in order to help other players to guess it, he/she's supposed to click on the button "hint", which will give away some letters (keep in mind that this function will only work while no one has guessed the word). The pictures below are examples of drawings that are NOT permitted:


    The pictures below are examples of signatures and formulas, situations that are permitted:
  4. All players must illustrate the word that has been assigned to them upon their time to draw. If the player considers the word to be too difficult to portray, he/she could give a "hint" by clicking the "hint" button or "skip" their turn by clicking the skip button. It's strictly forbidden to draw something totally unrelated to the word assigned.
  5. Whenever there's any kind of transgression in the drawing, players must report it by tapping on: Options / Denounce.
  6. Players are not supposed to report a drawing that complies with all rules. Such behavior might end up in punishment to the reporter.
  7. Players are not allowed to type in the answer or even parts of it in the chat box. Any other kind of clues or synonyms that might help users guess the word are also forbidden. If a player types in the answer box in a way that looks as if he's giving clues, instead of scoring he is going to be treated as a transgressor.
  8. Offensive, abusive and inappropriate nicknames will be permanently banned from the site. There will also be no tolerance whatsoever regarding nicknames that offend moral or legal principles (i.e. crime apology, nazism, terrorism, racism, etc); these will also result on a permanent ban.

Game Rules

  1. If a player commits any kind of transgression, the other users will be able to report them by tapping on: Options / Denounce.
    The round will be cancelled whenever half the players in a room report a drawing. This also means the current drawer will miss his turn and all the players that have scored during this round will lose the points acquired during the time of this drawing.
  2. There's a time limit for a player to start drawing. If the player takes too long to start the drawing, might be subject to miss their turn.
  3. At the start, the round is worth 10 points. The first player to guess the word, scores 10 points, the second, 9, and so on up to the point in which each player will score 1 point. The drawer gets eleven points when the player guesses the word, and extra 2 points for each of the other players who also guess it.
  4. The number of points given each round decreases as hints are given. Therefore if they give out two hints, the first guesser will gain only 8 (instead of 10) points. The same works for the drawer.
  5. The number of hints a drawer can give depends on how big the word is. The bigger the word the more hints he/she can give.
  6. The first hint will always reveal the number of letters in a word. The second hint gives away the first letter of the word and the others will just show another letter randomly.
  7. The "Hints" and "Skip" functions are disabled after the first correct guess.

About us

This game has been developed using HTML5 technologies (W3C validated).
Feel free to visit our desktop version:

Developed by:

  • Henrique Moreira

Translated by:

  • Mary Helen

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Talk to us. If you have any questions or would like to give suggestions, etc.



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